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Effective Research Methods- Dissertation Writing Tips


In today’s era of budding technology, the utility of libraries in assisting with an individual’s research process is often forgotten. People tend to take a quick shortcut and simply browse online for blogs and articles that contain the information they need. However, what a google search cannot offer is a well-rounded and comprehensive knowledge on the subject matter of a topic. Thus, libraries play a pivotal role in ensuring that the student is provided with an array of thoughts and theories from a wide set of published scholars in different fields. For instance, despite the developing trend of technology, the majority of the students to this day, depend upon Saunders’s Research Onion which is an illustrative diagram published in the book “Understanding research philosophy and approaches to theory development” in 2015. This research onion provides students with the ability to understand complex elements within the field of “research methodology.” Furthermore, to keep up with the pace of rapidly developing technologies in the field of education, several universities have introduced online libraries, which makes it easier for students to grasp and utilize the information they need for their dissertation reports.


Usually, bookshops contain used books, which can be beneficial for a student as they may include handwritten notes on the pages. These notes may be written by a previous owner of the book. Such used books help enlighten a student’s perspective upon how to carry out a research study. These books might also include tips and tricks on various aspects of the dissertation, like “how to carry out primary data” or what sort of articles need to be checked. Apart from bookshops, certain n used books can be collected either from professors, or academic colleagues.


Both online, as well as print journals, can be used for conducting a dissertation. In fact, journals play a vital role in formulating as well as structuring the secondary research section, that is, the literature review of the thesis/dissertation. Moreover, drawing up information from online and print journals will allow the student to successfully incorporate scholars’ thoughts and arguments into their work. This will provide the dissertation report with an enhanced quality of critical analysis which can be further used to carry out analytical interpretations and arguments of the resultant findings discovered during the primary research. While making use of internet journals for performing research, it is important to note that these pieces of writing materials are published from peer-reviewed journals, websites, and eBooks.


In the context of dissertation writing, databases refer to the collection of online libraries containing a wide variety of research materials such as past dissertation papers, published studies from accredited universities, audiovisual materials like PowerPoint presentations, radio interviews, podcasts, and much more; which will enable the student to retrieve any length, type, or nature of the information they require for writing their dissertation. Some of the widely accessed databases found online are Emerald, ProQuest, JSTOR, Google Scholar, Westlaw, and many more.

Regardless of the research methods used to acquire resources for creating a dissertation, students need to possess key knowledge on the concept of referencing. Referencing researched materials used in the study is important, as it makes the dissertation more authentic, and students are able to score higher grades.