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Emerging Trends in the Higher-Ed Industry

Education is one of those industries that have been observed to constantly develop on a day-to-day basis. Modern Higher Education, in particular, has advanced at an alarming rate, when compared to the traditional scope.

Case in point, the prevalent use of Artificial Intelligence in Research & Development has invited the students that are preparing for their STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) careers to embrace a wider understanding of the subjects. AI has also enabled many other fields of higher education, with the capacity to generate a kaleidoscopic variety of resources that once again enhances a student’s knowledge and credentials.

Another fascinating trend that emerged in the Higher Education Industry, majorly due to Pandemic circumstances: is the capability of students to attain their degrees, certificates, and educational qualifications through remote learning. For instance, students that are pursuing Pharmaceutical/Medical/therapy-based studies are now provided with “Virtual Patient Stimulator” software to improve their learning experiences. VPS software goes a long way in aiding healthcare students to stimulate their practical knowledge and implement their skills in real-life case scenarios, all within the comfort of their homes.

The onset of Pandemic had created copious amounts of worries and confusions for Higher-Ed students such as changing mode of examination, unstable tests structures, bias grading patterns, disorganized transcript results, etc. Thus, leading experts in technology had recently devised the concept of “Proctored Exams”, to put such worries of the students to ease. Although this mode of examinations is still in the constant pursuit of improvement, however, in 2020 it was observed that the utilization of “E-Proctoring”, has surged up to 65% worldwide, owing to the unforeseen events of Covid-19. Today, many software developers and other IT engineers are striving towards creating a flawless system of Proctored Examinations. It has also been predicted that proctored exams will merge as a permanent and default method of examination for students belonging to different levels of education.

Therefore, in these recent years, the field of higher education has been observed with radical developments and transformation, especially in technological infrastructure, all the while producing quality educational content. In Layman’s terms, a better education means a better future.